Montgomery County Road Department

Road Dept Building


The Montgomery County Works Department consists of three divisions, including Roads & Bridges, Solid Waste, and Buildings & Grounds.  The Director of County Works supervises all three divisions.

Roads & Bridges                

Over 350 miles of paved and unpaved county roads are maintained by the County Works department in all types of weather.  The County Works Department consists of nine employees who report to the Director on a daily basis. Of the nine employees, there are three motor grader operators, two grass tractor operators, one boom mower operator, one dump truck operator, one backhoe operator and one employee with a skill set that can work in any capacity.  As a part of the Road & Bridges department, the County offers sales and installation of driveway pipes. However, the department does not install driveway pipes on state routes.  The Director also oversees the building of construction pads, maintenance of the recreation fields and other special projects as directed by the Board of Commissioners.    


REPORT ROAD COMPLAINTS:    Phone:  912-583-2363 or complete the Road Complaint Form in Sidebar.

Solid Waste                         

We are fortunate to provide five Solid Waste Convenience Centers strategically located throughout the county for the benefit of our citizens. The department consists of 10 part-time attendants who monitor and help citizens to ensure a pleasant experience while disposing of items. The location of the five Solid Waste Convenience Centers are as follows: 

Montgomery County Solid Waste Convenience Centers

Location Address
Alston 3999 Mt. Vernon-Alston Road
Higgston 100 Earth Saver Drive
Kibbee 3859 Thompson Pond Road
Tarrytown 4500 Bear Creek Road
Uvalda 1411 Charlotteville Road

Hours of Operation

Daylight Savings Time Eastern Standard Time
Monday – Friday 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm Monday – Friday 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm