Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Ambulances crew nose to nose

For emergencies dial 911.


Toombs-Montgomery Emergency Medical Services provides 9-1-1 emergency medical response to the citizens and visitors of Montgomery County. The department averages around 600 responses a month between both counties. Our department prides itself in being dedicated to the communities we serve, while working hard for the future while  honoring our past.

On top of providing emergency pre-hospital care, the department also provides medical standby for public events, CPR training, First Aid classes, and numerous youth programs including the EMS Youth Academy.

EMS Youth Academy:

The EMS Youth Academy is a program that allows area teenagers to see what it takes to respond to emergencies in Montgomery and Toombs Counties. Each night the Explorers are exposed and educated on the different professions and aspects that create an EMS system from the time the 911 call is made to the care received at Meadows Regional Hospital. The Explorers also receive a basic first aid overview as well as being trained to perform CPR. The classes conclude with a drill in which the Explorers are able to arrive on the scene of a mock wreck scene with our area First Responders and the Air Evac helicopter.


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