Development Authority


The Montgomery County Development Authority was created through a Local Constitutional Act.  In 1966, Section 1, Article VII, Section V, Paragraph I of the Georgia Constitution was amended thereby creating the Development Authority.  The Development Authority is composed of five members that are appointed by the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners.  Four of the Authority members are appointed by district and one member is appointed to represent the County at-large.  Each Authority member serves a five-year term.  Only one Authority member may be appointed each year for a five-year term.  The powers and duties of the Montgomery County Development Authority can be found in the Local Constitutional Act of 1966.  To access the Authority’s Local Constitutional Act, click here:

Our goal and mission as the Montgomery County Development Authority is to:

  • promote economic growth and stability in the county by supporting existing businesses, targeting and attracting new businesses, as well as corporate and/or regional headquarters thereby increasing operating revenues and creating jobs.
  • provide various government entities within the county with information to support the achievement of planned economic growth.
  • remain keenly aware of the importance of our natural environment by appreciating the history, heritage and natural beauty of Montgomery County when planning for the county’s future.
  • recognize the importance of agriculture and tourism as well as the significant contribution these industries make to our local economies and plan accordingly for the benefit of citizens of Montgomery County.

Staff & Board Members:
Joe Filippone (Director)

Name Authority-Militia District Term Ends
Tony Baker 1-Mount Vernon  01/01/28
Arren Moses 2-Uvalda/Alston  01/01/29
Tim Williamson 3-Higgston  01/01/25
Jan Warnock-Moore 4-Ailey/Higgston  01/01/26
Kathy Rudd 5-County-at-Large  01/01/27