Financial Administration


Montgomery County governs under a County Manager form of government. The County Manager serves as the chief administrative officer as well as the department head of the Financial Administration Department for the county. The Board of Commissioners serves as the primary policy making role of the county; however, the day-to-day operations and executive role is assigned to the County Manager. The County Manager serves at the pleasure of the Commissioners and is subject to the Board of Commissioner’s oversight and authority.  As such, the County Manager advises the Board on operational and financial matters, services and other issues that arise. The County Manager also submits an annual operating and capital budget for the Board of Commissioners consideration. The Administration staff includes the County Manager, County Clerk and Administrative Assistant. 


 Office & Staff Directory



Email Address

Brandon L. Braddy

County Manager

bbraddy [at]

Renee Cason

County Clerk

rcason [at]

Sandra Morris

Administrative Assistant

smorris [at]