Board of Health

The Montgomery County Board of Health was created by state law to exercise authority in all matters within the county pertaining to health unless the responsibility for enforcement of such is by law that of another agency.  The Board of Health is authorized to establish and adopt bylaws for its own governance.  In addition, the powers and duties of the Montgomery County Board of Health can be found in O.C.G.A. 31-3-4.  

Montgomery County Board of Health Members

Name Term Ends
Leland Adams 01/01/27
Chief Elected Official of County or Designee:  Elected Official  
Alexis Fountain 01/01/30
Physician:  Appointed by County Commission (Dentist or Nurse if No Physician)  
Braxton Parks 01/01/29
Consumer Advocate:  Appointed by County Commission  
Dorothy Days 01/01/28
Advocate for Needy, Underprivileged or Elderly:  Appointed by County Commission  
Dr. Stan Rentz 07/01/24
County School Superintendent:  Elected/Hired Official  
Joey Fountain 01/01/28
Chief Elected Official of Largest City or Designee:  Elected/hired Official  
Brandi Reynolds 01/01/29
Consumer or Licensed Nurse:  Appointed by Governing authority of largest municipality