E911 Center

Montgomery County E-911 provides communication for all public safety agencies in Montgomery County, including public works and emergency response volunteers during storms and disaster relief.

The objective for our county’s E-911 system is to respond to all calls, regardless of circumstance, demeanor, or nature of call. E-911 communications officers will immediately route calls to the appropriate agency as is possible to meet the emergency needs of our community.

Montgomery County E-911 provides 24/7 call center that receives and responds to emergency and nonemergency calls. Our center is staffed by two certified communications officers.  Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to, dispatching calls to assist sheriff deputies, police officers, fire, first responders, EMS and any other agencies that respond to the various calls for service.

Montgomery County also offers 911 Mapping/Address services. To apply for a 911 address, please download the application here.

Physical addresses are attached to the global positioning system (GPS) point where the structure (residential or commercial) is located so that when 911 is dialed, a location is displayed for emergency services to respond quickly, even if the caller is unable to speak or give the dispatcher driving instructions, the caller can still be located by emergency service personnel.

Your address numbers should be posted and visible from the road so that emergency service agencies can easily find you in case of an emergency.  Posted numbers should be a minimum of four inches (4") in height for easy identification.

Important reminders:

  • The Montgomery County E-911 does not provide legal advice.  We only dispatch emergency personnel to meet the needs of our citizens. We do not provide any legal counsel.
  • If you dial 911 by mistake stay on the line.  The Communications Officer will need to verify there is no problem, otherwise, a law enforcement officer will be sent to your location.
  • Make sure your children know their address and phone number.
  • Your house number should be clearly posted and visible from the street.
  • Always pay attention to your surroundings.


Office & Staff Directory



Email Address

Doug Maybin


dmaybin [at] montcoga.gov

Karen Outler

Administrative Assistant

koutler [at] montcoga.gov

Ron Bivins

Chief Deputy / 911 Director

rbivins [at] montcoga.gov

Yolanda Holloway


yhollaway [at] montcoga.gov

Kim Oglesby

911 Addressing

911add [at] montcoga.gov